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TOP NOTES: Fresh Foliage, Citrus

MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Peach, Guaiac Wood, Balsam, Lily of the Valley
BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, Rosewood, Amber, Musk

The latest release by Farmer's Son Co. fragrance designer & chandler, Christopher Oates, Paradise Rose evokes the nostalgia of bygone summers.

Known for his love of fine fragrance and innovative scent note pairings, Christopher has given this limited edition fragrance a modern and forward approach with its heady, floral and spicy notes while offering a nostalgic touch that evokes memories of summers past.

Top notes of fresh foliage and citrus open into a woody and floral heart which really allow the notes of vintage rose to come to life. Base notes of sandalwood, cedar and rosewood paired with amber resin and musk allow the glow to linger long after this candle as been extinguished.

From Christopher, "Paradise Rose is a nostalgic yet forward thinking take on a classic floral. As I explore and developed this fragrance, my mind took me back to those hazy summer days - you know the type. I found myself wandering though a garden. The air so still - a golden hue giving everything a nostalgic filter. The thought of heirloom roses in full bloom, kissed by the sun. A blissful peace surrounding me."

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