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TOP NOTES: Eucalyptus, Peppermint. Aquatic

MIDDLE NOTES: Cypress Fig, Pine, Wood
BASE NOTES: Smoke, Tonka, Sea Salt

For good reason, Forest Frost is a favourite around these parts.

As I create fragrance I like to layer different elements of my story - be it a particular place or memory. Those moments that catch my eye as I take it all in. Trying to encapsulate everything that will lock that memory in place.

As I designed Forest Frost I thought of the big lake that's in the hills north of my family's farm. Surrounded by dense trees on three sides, with a pasture to the north it's a favourite spot.

Growing up, we used to winter our cows nearby and would have to get off the tractor and follow the cow paths through the bush down to the frozen lake. Here you'd use an old axe that lived on the tractor to open a watering hole for the cows to drink from.

There was just something magical about following those cow paths through the woods down to the lake. Especially on a morning after a fresh snow. The way the sun would glisten on the hoar frost covered trees. That crunching of the new snow underfoot. Seeing your breath and feeling that crispness in the air.

There's magic in this fragrance and I'm excited to find out which winter memories you uncover upon lighting it.

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