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TOP NOTES: Cannabis Flower, Black Currant, Greens, Bergamot

MIDDLE NOTES: Cedar, Fir, Pine, Spice, Tobacco Leaf, Thyme, Cade
BASE NOTES: Musk, Cedar, Patchouli, Woody Accord, Leather, Tonka

It was in Mexico a few years back that we stumbled across a small workshop, crafting beautiful artisan glass utilizing recycled glass. What was supposed to be a relaxing getaway turned into a buying trip & the beginning of a special partnership that continues to this day.

Each of our limited edition amber tumblers have been handblown exclusively for Farmer’s Son Co. in Tonola, Mexico. Adding to this, workers within the glassware facility are paid a fair wage, taught the art of glassblowing, which in turn helps to grow the local economy of the region and increase sustainability of existing resources.

Cannabis is an unexpected addition to our range. Giving it our own Farmer's Son Co. twist, think of this scent as warm and inviting, dare we even say very grownup vs. the idea and novelty of a fragrance that smells like bong smoke.

A sophisticated blend of cannabis flower blossom, tonka, charcoal and red cedar come together to create a scent that’s truly special. This is perfect ambiance for late nights at the cabin, candlelit nights filled with good vinyl and quiet conversation or those Tuesday evenings when you need to chill after spending the day with that co-worker who gets under your skin. If anyone asks, it's called self-care.

Please note that this candle does not contain cannabis oil.

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