Get To Know Our Team

Jennifer Oosterhoff

The Boss

Commonly referred to as “Boss Jenn”, she purchased the shop in July of 2021 without an ounce of floral experience, but you wouldn’t know it. Her favourite arrangements include pampas grass, monochromatic colours, and she LOVES to incorporate something personal for clients, be that a plant, a can of cheese whiz, an old cowboy boot, antlers, or even a tiny spade. She’s always willing to go the extra mile to make someones day, and can commonly be heard saying “it’s SO pretty” in regards to new plant babies, floral arrangements, and new ceramics celebrating the female form (I mean, have you seen them?! they’re SO pretty).

Favourite flower: Marigolds

Favourite plant: Philo Giganteum

Vanessa Blackie

The Sweet & Saucy One

This angel has impeccable timing. Vanessa is our full time florist and walked into the shop when the boss was begging the universe for a little more freedom (AKA a single day off). The perfect blend of sweet and spicy, her personality compliments our little floral family. With a keen eye for beauty, a quick mind, listening ear, and genuine soul; Vanessa creates exquisite arrangements and terrariums. She also makes a great ghost… (peep our instagram reels) 👻

Favourite flower: King Protea

Favourite plant: Chinese Evergreen

Lori Oosterhoff

Mom AKA Lorelai AKA Floor-ist

Although it may be nepotism at it’s finest, Lori is the unsung hero of the shop. Whether she’s on the schedule or not, she’s sweeping up after everyone, ensuring there are goodies to eat, and saving precious floor flowers for her own arrangements that often grace the bathroom counter. Never failing to make us laugh, or keep us in line, we’re a much tighter ship and happier crew with Lori aboard.

Favourite flower: Chrysanthemums (hehe get it, because she’s my mum…)

Favourite plant: Juniper Bonsai

Sue Fulmore

Sunshine Personified

This legend is well known in the Stony Plain community for being the kindest and most genuine ray of sunshine you could encounter. She’s served the community in numerous local businesses and came out of retirement just to be a member of the 3B’s Team. Sue makes the shop more beautiful just by existing in it, but her zhuzh-ing skills are literally unmatched.

Favourite flower: Ranunculus

Favourite plant: Also Ranunculus

Rod Hintz

The Santa Claus of the Flower World

If you’re lucky enough to receive flowers from someone, you’ll likely meet Rod! Our numero uno delivery driver, he ensures your flowers arrive safely and on time. He was granted his nickname just this winter when a client called to rave about how great our driver was, and that he would make a terrific Santa in another life. We figured why wait?

Favourite flower: “That one over there”

Favourite plant: “Also that one…”


The Real Boss

A true criminal, Edison steals every heart that she encounters. Not all sweetness and cuddles, this escape artist will make sure you know what she’s thinking. Smart as a whip and probably the most opinionated pup you’ll ever meet (clearly a Virgo). You can find her napping on a jacket somewhere, ripping around the design table, or destroying any toy in sight.

Favourite flower: Baby’s Breath

Favourite plant: Can she pick baby’s breath again?